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What is the benefit of medical dermatology treatment near Hagerstown, MD for eczema?

benefit of medical dermatology treatment near Hagerstown

Eczema is a chronic condition of the skin that can affect one person very differently than another. The varying degrees of discomfort may make it difficult to determine the underlying problem. With professional evaluation, it is possible to determine if eczema is causing unpleasant symptoms.

Though considered a skin problem, eczema is actually rooted in the body’s immune system. Specific malfunction in the immune system causes a response to certain types of triggers. These may be food, beverage, heat, certain materials, or some other factor. The condition has no cure and is chronic in nature. This makes professional guidance and care all that much more important.

You may wonder “what is the point of medical dermatology for my eczema?” Dr. Ronal Prussick and his team have treated patients from Frederick, Urbana, and other MD cities for several years and offer personalized treatment for skin conditions like eczema. Care begins with a thorough discussion of symptoms and an evaluation of the skin. Symptoms of eczema include:

  • Patches of skin that are more red or brown in color.
  • Itching.
  • The development of small red bumps, typically seen near the elbow or behind the knees. These may itch or not.
  • Increased sensitivity to temperatures, lotions, and other external factors.
  • Skin becomes thick and / or scaly.

When we are able to accurately diagnose symptoms as eczema, we can then move towards identifying triggers. Some of the most effective solutions to this chronic condition are the daily habits instituted for the avoidance of irritants such as detergents, lotions, soaps, or food products. In addition to discussing how to handle flare-ups and avoid them by limiting exposure to triggers, your dermatologist can prescribe specific medication that has more power to stop itching and other symptoms than standard over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams. At Washington Dermatology Center, patients have options for treatment that may include topical or oral medications, depending on the severity of symptoms.

The chronic nature of eczema can be distressing and can impact your overall quality of life. Receive personalized care for improvement to your skin’s appearance and comfort from an experienced team. Contact us in Rockville or Frederick, MD for your consultation.

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