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Viora radio frequency treatment provides skin tightening and cellulite reduction in Rockville area

Viora Radio Frequency Skin Tightening And Cellulite Reduction In Rockville

Dr. Ron Prussick is not afraid to invest in some of the best technologies available in today’s market for enhancing one’s appearance. His practice, Washington Dermatology Center, located in the Rockville area, is dedicated to assisting men and women in improving their skin and bodies. With both medical and cosmetic dermatology solutions, everyone is welcome to learn about ways to enhance their appearance and improve their skin’s health.

When patients are interested in learning about technology used for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, they are often introduced to solutions such as the Viora radio frequency treatment. Viora is a special system that uses CORE™ technology to provide three radio frequency channels to maximize penetration and treat specific areas of the body. There is a fourth setting that allows all three radio frequencies for optimum results. However, patients who undergo Viora treatment will not experience any downtime or necessary recovery afterwards, making it a fast, effective, and carefree way to achieve a more attractive appearance without surgical intervention. In fact, this non-invasive solution is gaining ground as patients begin to see the before and after results others have achieved with this radio frequency treatment. Viora treatments work best when combined with a healthy skin care regimen developed by a dermatologist.

When used appropriately, Viora can reduce fat cell size, tighten the skin, and noticeably improve areas where cellulite is an issue. It can be used on the face and body to achieve fat reduction, with typical treatment areas including the jowls, arms, abdomen, thighs, and neck. Patients can also tighten the skin of the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that often develop due to skin laxity – resulting from the loss of collagen and elastin that naturally occurs after the age of 30.

Dr. Ron Prussick is proud to provide his patients with Viora radio frequency treatment to help with a wide range of skin and body concerns. He encourages patients in and around the area of Rockville to book a consultation appointment to ask questions about this amazing technology and learn how it can help transform the appearance of the face and body.



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