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Patients near Frederick area ask about treatment for sun spots

Dr Ronald B. Prussick, Washington Dermatology Center Providing Treatment For Sunspot

Dr. Ron Prussick of Washington Dermatology Center is a committed dermatologist near the Frederick area who understands that many patients are seeking a treatment to enhance their appearance. This may include treatment for sun spots and age spots that develop on the skin and may become unsightly. Patients with sun spots often develop these due to past sun exposure and should first consult with a dermatologist to ensure they are not pre-cancerous lesions.

Sun spots may also be called “liver spots” or “age spots.” They are pigmented areas that develop on the skin. When patients come to Dr. Ron Prussick seeking treatment for sun spots, they are often told about the many ways to address them.

Some patients may benefit from laser skin rejuvenation to treat sun spots. Laser devices that are cleared by the FDA are used to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process and allow for the upper layer of skin to rejuvenate with new skin cells. This can fade off sun spots after just one treatment, and with several sessions, may even provide full removal. This will depend greatly on how the skin reacts to treatment. We also provide IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) as an alternative to laser.

Another option is that of chemical peels. Chemical peels use specific ingredients with the intention of removing the upper layer of the skin. When this is done, sun spots may fade or become unnoticeable, depending on the strength of the chemical peel performed. More superficial, mild peels may take several sessions to fade the sun spots while a stronger, more aggressive peel may require just one or two sessions to achieve full removal. The type of chemical peel used is discussed with the dermatologist before it is performed, and patients are educated on post-healing expectations.

Whether you decide on chemical peels or laser skin rejuvenation, Dr. Ron Prussick can consult with you and determine the best treatment option for your specific needs. He provides consultation appointment during which the skin can be evaluated and patients can discuss their concerns. He will then develop a unique, custom-tailored treatment plan that will fit his patient’s needs and assist them in rejuvenating their skin.

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