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Your skin cancer dermatologist near Silver Springs MD offer 10 ways to decrease your risk of skin cancer

what is skin cancer learn more from dermatologist in silver spring

Our skin is an organ that we cannot hide, nor can we neglect without potentially severe consequences. There is a wide variety of skin concerns that men and women discuss with their dermatologist. Most commonly, Dr. Prussick and his team are asked about how to stop acne flare-ups or how to minimize the appearance of wrinkles or sun damage. We are happy to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals and also discuss the importance of skin cancer prevention and screening. Your dermatologist near Silver Spring MD cares about the overall health of your skin.

Skin cancer is one of those conditions that we tend to think of happening to someone else. The sunshine is naturally appealing, and may give us the impression that a suntan gives that “healthy glow.” When we’re just running out for a few errands, or only spend an afternoon outdoors every now and then, it can be easy to neglect the application of sunscreen. It can be easy to think it won’t happen to us . . .until it does. In reality, skin cancer is a condition that can happen to anyone.

While there is no one who is guaranteed they will not get skin cancer, there are characteristics that have been identified as an increased risk. These include skin tone and genetics, characteristics that cannot be changed. What can be changed in order to decrease risk is lifestyle. The habits that we develop will either help us or hurt us in the prevention of skin cancer. These include:

  • Use SPF 30, broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, whether the sun is bright or not.
  • Apply a generous amount of sunscreen for adequate coverage.
  • Sunscreen should be applied thirty minutes or more before sun exposure.
  • Sunscreen is not “set it and forget it.” Reapplication should be done every few hours at least, more often if you are in the water or sweating.
  • Switch sunning or tanning bed use for spray tanning.
  • Choose your manicure wisely! Gel manicures are set beneath UV lamps. If a gel manicure is scheduled, protect fingers and hands with sunscreen.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities during non-peak hours, when UV rays are most powerful.
  • Use strategic clothing such as wide-brimmed hats and long sleeves to protect skin from UV rays.

Practicing sun protection on a daily basis increases your chances of avoiding skin cancer. We also encourage our patients to visit us yearly for professional skin cancer screening. Contact us in Rockville or Frederick for your appointment.

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