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Psoriasis a challenge met by your dermatologist in Maryland

Psoriasis Dermatologist in Maryland

Today, over seven million Americans are affected by psoriasis, a skin condition rooted in autoimmune dysfunction. In this condition, skin cells grow at an abnormal rate. In the healthy body, skin cells grow and shed at the same rate, which helps the skin remain smooth. The person with psoriasis, however, experiences a faster growth rate than shed rate, leading to the accumulation of skin cells on the surface, which looks like thick scales.

Psoriasis has various forms, each of which manifests in a unique way. Psoriasis lesions may look like scaly red patches of skin, or may look like pustules. These lesions can develop in a wide variety of areas, including the inside of the mouth, the genitals, and even on fingernail and toenail beds. In 30 percent of patients, psoriasis can also have an impact on joint health, causing stiffness and pain.

Psoriasis treatment with your dermatologist in Maryland

Dr. Ronald Prussick is not only a board certified dermatologist; he is a physician who, early in his dermatology career, had the honor of mentorship under Dr. Ricky Schachter, a pioneer in psoriasis treatment. Dr. Prussick and Dr. Schachter investigated a number of treatment options for the range of psoriasis. Some of their patients were so severely affected by this condition that hospitalization was necessary. Dr. Prussick also spent time studying the immunology of the skin at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Treating psoriasis is a commitment of your skilled team at Washington Dermatology Center. We begin care by conducting a comprehensive evaluation and consultation in which patients are given the opportunity to discuss their concerns, experience, and frustration with a compassionate physician. Through this discussion and examination, we can determine the course of treatment best suited to the achievement of better skin health.

Due to the extent of current clinical research and Dr. Prussick’s own commitment to education on skin immunology, our team has a better understanding of psoriasis and its effects on the patient. We are highly familiar with the various treatment options, including topical and oral medications, as well as light therapy and lifestyle modifications.

Psoriasis may not be a curable condition but, with the help of a trained dermatologist, you can gain control over flare-ups to a point where quality of life improves. Get a handle on psoriasis with our help. Contact us in Frederick or Rockville for your consultation with Dr. Prussick.

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