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IPL a gentle laser treatment used in Frederick to improve skin tone and texture

Laser Treatment Frederick

When we stop to consider what aging skin may look like, we are likely to envision crepey, delicate skin and wrinkles. Sagging skin, however, is only one of the common skin problems we face as we grow older. Market research shows that dark spots and blemishes on the skin have a large impact on how old one looks. Changes in tone and texture, as well as elasticity, can be addressed with gentle IPL or photofacials treatment in our office in Frederick or Rockville.

IPL, or intense pulsed light, treatment is often called laser therapy, although the two are actually only somewhat similar. Laser therapy uses a device to target skin cells with a single wavelength of light. IPL, on the other hand, breaks light up into multiple wavelengths. This procedure is gentle and yet highly versatile. Because we can customize settings based on skin tone, color, texture, and more, we are able to address a range of skin problems.

IPL treatments are often used as a part of a customized treatment plan for rosacea. However, this form of skin therapy is also effective at breaking up melanin so that red and brown spots, birthmarks, spider veins, and melasma become less noticeable over time. The energy that passes through the epidermis is absorbed into the substances that cause hyperpigmentation, such as pigment or broken capillaries.

We treat a number of conditions with IPL at Washington Dermatology Center. Patients benefit from quick, gentle sessions that are typically completed in about thirty minutes. During treatment, the patient may experience a slight snapping sensation, and the skin may remain mildly red for a day or two following treatment. Spots on the skin gradually darken over a few days before they are naturally exfoliated, revealing smoother, and more evenly toned skin.

IPL is not an aggressive treatment from which immediate results are visible. The gentleness of this photofacial, however, also means there is no downtime after treatment. As the skin responds to the absorption of multiple wavelengths of light, elastin and collagen production increase and healthy new cells are quickly generated. With a few IPL sessions, most people notice a beautiful difference in their skin.

Dr. Prussick is proud to provide patients with the individual care they deserve. To see the improvements you desire in your skin, contact Washington Dermatology Center for your consultation.



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