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Your dermatologist near Bethesda MD has a solution to warts

Bethesda MD has a solution to warts

Most of us associate warts with childhood; embarrassing, unsightly growths on the hands or fingers. In addition to being known for their frightening appearance, warts also have a reputation for being contagious, which is absolutely spot on.

A wart may not be a danger to skin health or general health, but the development of a wart on a visible area can cause a child or an adult a great deal of distress. This type of growth can lead to self-consciousness or attempts to hide the body part on which the wart can be seen. Depending on the location of a wart, it is possible that the growth can be susceptible to injury, causing pain or bleeding. Whether this is the case or a wart is simply bothersome, a visit with your dermatologist near Bethesda, MD will lead you to the solution you need.


Cryosurgery isn’t really surgery at all; it is the freezing of a wart using liquid nitrogen. Cryosurgery is a very common treatment for wart removal.


The microorganisms inside of a wart can be destroyed by the application of specific medication. The wart will blister and, about a week after the application of medication, a member of our team will be able to remove the wart in a simple procedure.


Electrosurgery, like cryosurgery, is not a surgical procedure. This treatment involves heating the wart to destroy abnormal cells. The wart will then be gently removed.

Wart removal can successfully remove an existing wart. There remains the chance, however, that new warts can form, though this typically does not occur in the same area. The reason for new wart growth comes back to the fact that warts are contagious. A wart will release the HPV virus, which may reach other tissues on the body.

Warts can be managed with care from our experienced dermatology team. If you have one or more warts, we have solutions that can help you feel better about your skin. Dr. Prussick and his highly trained team have helped many patients regain confidence through successful wart removal treatment. As with our various dermatological treatments, wart removal is tailored to your individual needs.

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