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Do you know when it’s time to contact your dermatologist in Frederick?

time to contact your dermatologist in Frederick

Most people’s skin has at least some markings, either temporarily or permanently. Because we live in our skin day after day, we can easily become familiar with the rashes, bumps, or spots that we regularly see. Unless skin becomes chronically irritated, many simply ignore the small signs that trouble could be lurking. It is easy to assume that certain skin markings are normal and require no treatment, or can’t be treated. The truth is, the skin can be affected by thousands of conditions, but modern day dermatology has solutions that will keep you healthy and glowing.

The question is do you know when it’s time to contact your dermatologist in Frederick? How can you determine if a problem is minor, or if it requires medical attention? In most instances, the only way to make this determination is to have your dermatologist perform an evaluation of the problem. There are some indications, however, that may help you get the care you need before a problem turns serious.


What you may look at as a mole could actually be skin cancer. New moles, or existing moles that have changed in some way, should be checked by your board-certified dermatologist. What we look for, you can too:

  • Larger than a pencil eraser
  • Asymmetry, where one side is different from the other
  • Unevenness in borders
  • Unusual color, or multiple colors in the same mole
  • Discharge or bleeding
  • Any changes in color, shape, or size


Each of us may be affected from time to time, experiencing patches of irritation. Most often, rashes are temporary. However, there are times when professional dermatological care may be warranted. These include:

  • The rash persists or is recurring
  • Rash develops around the eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Blisters develop
  • If the rash itches or you think it may be contagious


This type of skin irritation goes beyond a temporary rash. Eczema is actually a chronic skin condition in which flare-ups may occur, causing skin to become especially itchy, red, and sensitive. Dr. Prussick can help you gain control over eczema with advanced medications and treatments.


The occasional breakout may be temporary, alleviated with the use of over the counter medications. If not properly treated, however, chronic acne can lead to embarrassment, low self-esteem, and even permanent scarring. If breakouts are frequent or do not fully heal with over the counter medication, a visit with your dermatologist is in order. Dr. Prussick has an excellent record of treating acne successfully, helping patients return to a better quality of life.

These are just a few of the conditions your dermatologist often treats. Your skin is not something that you want to take chances with. If you feel concerned over your skin’s health, contact us to schedule your comprehensive evaluation.



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