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Dermatologist in Rockville reviews the cost and expectations of chemical peels

Dr Ronald B. Prussick, Washington Dermatology Center Providing Cost Reviews Chemical Peels

Dr. Ron Prussick of the Washington Dermatology Center in Rockville is a quality dermatologist who understands that many patients want to achieve healthier, more attractive looking skin on their face. When conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging begin to settle it, it can have a negative impact on the appearance of the face. This is why our team of professionals have set out to provide patients with an effective treatment to address all of these issues in just one step: chemical peels.

Chemical peels are facial peels that are used in many dermatology offices for facial rejuvenation. They use a specific mix of ingredients that are applied to the skin for a short period of time and then washed off. This is long enough for the ingredients to penetrate into the skin and stimulate the process of skin renewal. Dr. Ron Prussick has a wide range of different chemical peels that can be tailored to his patients’ unique needs and desires. He has everything from mild, superficial peels to deeper, more aggressive peels meant to provide dramatic results.

When patients are interested in learning about chemical peels, Dr. Ron Prussick reviews with patients the cost and expectations of these treatments. Cost will vary dramatically depending on the type of peel, though more aggressive peels often cost more because they provide more noticeable results in a shorter period of time. However, patients who undergo more aggressive peels will need to schedule enough social downtime to facilitate proper healing. Social downtime may be necessary because patients will deal with issues such as redness and peeling that cannot be easily covered with cosmetics for work and other daily activities.

Dr. Ron Prussick and his team encourage patients to take the time to learn about the benefits chemical peels in Rockville can provide for rejuvenation. Whether you want to combat the signs of aging or want to reduce the appearance of acne scarring left behind, our team of professionals can help you in choosing the treatment that can restore youthfulness and beauty in as little as one treatment. Contact Washington Dermatology Center today to book an appointment with our professionals and learn about how chemical peels can assist in restoring youth, beauty, and confidence!

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