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Your skin has unique needs at different times in your life. The Washington Dermatology Center carries the following skin care lines to meet your needs:


Every person needs individualized skin care to properly nourish his or her unique skin. The BioMedic® skin care line is excellent for the treatment of various skin conditions, ranging from acne to sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation to the issues that come with aging. Products within this line are formulated for specific skin types.

Elta MD

Elta MD high quality sun protection products are based on the element micronized zinc oxide (Z-cote). From this foundation, superior sun protection is achieved, full spectrum UVA and UVB. Elta MD products are suitable for all skin types, and may be used by individuals with acne or rosacea (Elta Clear).

Jan Marini

Three-time winner of the New Beauty Best Skin Care System, the Jan Marini Skin Care Management system uses innovative synergistic technology to address the various needs of the skin for measurable improvement over time. This system can improve conditions like fine lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation effectively and comfortably. The transformation that comes from the use of the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System begins after the first use, and continues perpetually.

Key Benefits of this system include:
  • Visibly healthier skin
  • Effectively handles multiple skin concerns
  • Easy to use
  • Non-irritating
  • Long-term, non-hydroquinone solution

Jane Iredale

This original line of mineral-based make-up products has continued to provide consumers with a healthy way to enhance the skin. Ideal for multiple skin types, including those with rosacea, the Jane Iredale line carries a number of benefits, including:
  • Superior coverage from pure mineral pigment containing absolutely no fillers.
  • Non-comedogenic, allowing skin to breathe freely and pores to remain open.
  • Sun protection, with six products earning the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.
  • Adherence from binding that resists smearing, creasing, or running.
  • Low allergy risk due to stringent safety testing.
  • Natural preservatives, no use of parabens or phenoxyethanol.
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients for ultimate skin health.
  • Range of shades to address various skin-tones.

LaRoche Posay

La Roche-Posay® is a well-known line of skin care products developed in France. Recommended by dermatologists around the world, these cleansers and moisturizers are formulated around two fundamental ideals: high standards and safety in the dermatological arena.  Products from La Roche-Posay combine thermal spring water with just the right concentration of selective ingredients.

Formulations from La Roche-Posay® are:
  • Tested on very sensitive skin types.
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.
  • Non-irritating, containing only the best ingredients such as thermal spring water.
The Washington Dermatology Center carries a number of products from this reputable line of skin care products.


Developed with powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C and E, Green Tea, and Coenzyme Q, Topix skin care products are ideal for the treatment of rosacea and acne. Created by Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., this line of skin care products is intended specifically for the appropriate handling of dermatological conditions.

Visit The Washington Dermatology Center to discover the best way to nourish your skin on a daily basis.
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